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About Tom

Tom McTigue has performed his particular brand of comedic insanity for over three decades. Audiences around the world recognize him from his many appearances on HBO, Comedy Central, and Sirius XM radio. He's also a Las Vegas favorite at Brad Garrett's Comedy Club at the MGM Grand.

As an actor, Tom has worked with Academy Award ® winners Janusz Kaminski (Amistad, Shindlers List, Saving Private Ryan) and Robert Richardson (The Aviator, Platoon). A virtual who's-who of Hollywood have all shared the spotlight and stage with Tom;  David Hasselhoff, Ethan Hawke, Roseanne Barr, Patricia Arquette, Christopher Meloni, Cybil Shephard, Tim Curry, and Wayne Newton, just to name a few.

From his role as Harvey Miller in the iconic television series Baywatch, to his standout performance in the critically acclaimed, and Academy Award winning film Boyhood, Tom is one of the most popular performers working today. 

Check out Tom's upcoming shows below!

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